With access to a wide range of products, we can offer design solutions to meet any vertical transportation requirements. Our experienced designers and technicians will work closely with all clients to analyse their needs, determine equipment requirements, scope the work to be performed, including timeline and cost analysis. A complete review will be conducted and report provided to ensure that the client’s requirements are fully satisfied.


Installation and maintenance services will be managed and carried out be LUXE personnel and supported by our suppliers, to ensure that all our installations will be reliably supported from the beginning.

All our personnel are trained by our suppliers on installation and maintenance of all our products in their factories as well as on site, to ensure that all our products are properly help with writing a narrative essay installed and maintained to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.

We also offer to all our clients’ property and service managers, free training on site or in our suppliers’ factories on all aspects of the lift services to allow them to enjoy maximum performance from their lifts.

To ensure the most optimal performance of all installed equipment, LUXE provide a 12-month warranty period on our products and service. LUXE also offer a variety of maintenance programs to ensure trouble free service from the lift services.


Luxe Elevators has the largest range of home and commercial lifts on the market. Please browse our standard range of lifts and call us to tailor the lift to your needs.


Regular breakdowns and constant repairs of the lift services in a building will diminish customers’ satisfaction leading to vacancies and greatly devalue your real estate investment. Upgrading existing equipment is the best way to incorporate the latest advances in technologies providing greater passenger safety, operational efficiency and reliability, to maintain or enhance the value of your real estate investment.

With our ability to source components and parts for all types of original equipment by manufacturers including Otis, Kone, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, and others, LUXE can modernise any lift services of any make or brand, whether three floors or thirty floors. LUXE can design customised upgrading solutions that best fit your property and equipment.

Our Lift Brands

Our Lift Brands