Welcome to LUXE Elevators, your premier choice for all standard as well as bespoke vertical transportation solutions in Australia and New Zealand. With a commitment to quality and reliability, we specialize in tailored home lifts, commercial lifts, escalators, and travelators designed to meet diverse budget and design needs.
Backed by over 75 years of invaluable experience in the Chinese elevator and construction industry, the principals of LUXE Elevators have collaborated with leading names such as Otis, Kone, Schindler, and Mitsubishi. Leveraging this extensive background, we have access to the world's largest and most advanced elevator product suppliers.

At LUXE Elevators, we pride ourselves on assembling a team of the finest professionals from China and Australia, ensuring unparalleled expertise in our services. Our focus is to be your supplier of choice, offering exceptional value through the most advanced technology, quality components and finishes, and reliable and timely maintenance services, all at a more affordable price point.

Driven by the goal of providing an outstanding client and customer experience, LUXE Elevators strives to establish the foundation for enduring and successful partnerships.

Elevate your expectations with us – where tailored solutions meet unparalleled expertise.


  • Tailored Design Solutions: Luxe Elevators pride  in providing most practical  elevator designs  and economical solutions supported by extensive architectural and engineering expertise and knowledge.
  • Architectural & Constructtion Insight: With over  four decades as a prominent architect in Perth, our Director, Ron Jee, collaborates closely with each client and provides valuable advice to all stakeholders from project initiation to completion and throughout the product's lifecycle.
  • Product Choice: We procure and offer equivalent  products from suppliers as our competitors, but our ability to deliver these items at a more affordable price stems from our size and local presence.
  •  Shortest Delivery Lead Time: With the shortest lead times in the industry, we offer  our clients the most seamless and  lowest costproject delivery timelines.
  • Proactive Procurement & Maintenance: Leveraging on the simPRO workflow and CRM system, we  systematically manage all stages of contracting, procurement, installation, service and preventative maintenance, reducing delays and improve reliability at the same time.
  • Global Vision, Local Implementation: We blend global design perspectives with a keen understanding of the local market requirements, seamlessly integrating the latest products  into projects. This approach enables us to provide the latest and most innovative elevator solutions to meet  our clients' project requirements.
  • Readily Accessible Products: Luxe Elevators utilises readily available market products, facilitating easy replacements when necessary. This approach  contributes to the efficiency and reliability of our elevator solutions.
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