At Luxe Elevators, our maintenance services redefine excellent customer service, emphasising responsiveness, streamlining, and a proactive approach. We prioritize on-time, responsive assistance, employing a preventative and proactive strategy.

Our commitment extends beyond installation; it's about elevating your experience through personalized maintenance services. Luxe utilizes the simPRO workflow system, ensuring streamlined reporting throughout the lift's life cycle. Reports are generated on-site and promptly delivered to the client, embodying our commitment to timely and transparent communication.

Luxe Elevators manages installation and maintenance with in-house personnel, supported by trusted suppliers, ensuring steadfast support from the very beginning. Our personnel undergo comprehensive training by suppliers, both in factories and on-site, ensuring the proper installation and maintenance of our products, guaranteeing peak performance and reliability.

To empower our clients, Luxe offers free training to property and service managers, enabling them to maximize lift performance. Additionally, Luxe provides a 12-month warranty and a range of preventative maintenance programs, ensuring trouble-free lift services.

Elevate your experience with Luxe Elevators - where personalised, proactive service is our standard.
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